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On this page you will find the latest updates and special notices from the Examinations team.

Message from the Chief Examiner, Dr Ian Hall:

We are planning to run the MRCPsych CASC examination this Autumn on the published dates of 7-11 September.

Because of the COVID pandemic, subject to GMC approval, this will be an online version of the exam, more details of which will be made available in due course.  The blueprint and structure of the exam will be the same, but the stations will be using online video consultations rather than face-to-face interviews.

Application period:  this will be delayed slightly to the new dates of Monday 22 June – Friday 3 July.

Hong Kong CASC

Because of the COVID pandemic, we will not be able to run the CASC examination in Hong Kong this Autumn.  We would advise candidates who were planning to enter the Hong Kong CASC to enter the online version that will take place in September.

Paper A and Paper B this Autumn

We are planning on delivering Paper A and Paper B this Autumn using computer-based testing, more details of which will be made available in due course.  The syllabus, blueprint and question format of the exam will remain unchanged.

Please check the exams pages of the College website for the latest information, where you will also find contact details for the Exams team. You can also read our statement on the temporary change made to the CASC regulations.

Dr Ian Hall
Chief Examiner


Message from the Chief Examiner, Dr Ian Hall: temporary variance of exam regulations

We appreciate the recent cancellations of exam diets are very disruptive for trainees preparing for exams when they have much else to contend with.  A major concern is the effect they may have on career progression.  Having consulted widely, including with the Psychiatric Trainees Committee, with National Recruitment, and with the General Medical Council, we have decided to temporarily vary the exam regulations, and until June 2021 will waive the requirement to have passed the written papers before taking the CASC.

In line with the exams eligibility criteria and regulations, candidates would still have had to complete 24 months training in psychiatry before taking the CASC, and would need to pass all elements of the exam before being awarded Membership of the College.

We are actively exploring alternative ways to deliver examinations.  If we need to make further changes to the exam calendar, we will let you know as soon as possible.  In the meantime we continue to work closely with trainee representatives.

Dr Ian Hall
Chief Examiner
24 April 2020

Please see our updated FAQs.

For further information, please contact: examinations@rcpsych.ac.uk

For all exams you must bring official photo identification (ID): Passport or Driver’s License. 

Please note we no longer accept Hospital ID's. 

Electronic/scanned or photocopy ID will also not be accepted. Candidates who do not bring appropriate ID in accordance with these Regulations will not be permitted to sit the examination. 

If you have any reason why you cannot bring the original of any of these documents to the examination venue [or your ID document has recently expired], please contact the Head Examinations Operations once you have received notification of being entered to sit the examination, and in any event in advance of the examination date.  Exemptions from the requirement to bring original photo ID will only be granted in exceptional circumstances, [for example theft on production of a police crime report] and alternative requirements will be specified with which candidates must comply. Failure to comply with these requirements will result in the candidate not being permitted to sit the examination.


From September 2018, CASC candidates will be expected to provide their own timing device (such as a simple analogue wristwatch or fob watch, as illustrated) should there be a physical or other examination which requires the use of one. Digital watches/timing devices will not be permitted.

Read the full notice.

Please note the dates for the upcoming ST4 Psychiatry recruitment have been set.

You can apply prior to getting your CASC results. Any application will be subject to you passing the CASC Exam in September 2019.


From 2019, the number of items in the written question papers will be reduced from 200 to 150 following approval from the GMC. The prime aim is to give candidates more time per item, whist ensuring there is still  adequate sampling from the syllabus in each diet of the examination.

Paper A

  • Behavioural Science and Socio-cultural Psychiatry
  • Human Development
  • Basic Neurosciences
  • Clinical Psychopharmacology
  • Classification and Assessment in Psychiatry

Paper B

  • Organisation and delivery
  • General Adult
  • Old Age
  • Psychotherapy
  • Child & Adolescent
  • Substance misuse
  • Forensic
  • Learning disability
  • Critical Review

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