Occupational psychiatry

The relationship between someone's occupation and their mental health has never been more in the public spotlight. The Royal College's Occupational Psychiatry SIG aims to provide an independent voice on occupational psychiatry in public fora and to ensure that all College members are suitably informed on the subject.

The SIG aims to raise awareness of the value of occupational psychiatry within, and outside of, the College and to encourage appropriate research on the subject. It acts as a forum for psychiatrists interested in occupational psychiatry to share ideas, dilemmas and research ideas. The SIG maintains good working relationships with the Society of Occupational Medicine, the faculty of occupational medicine and occupational psychology section at the British Psychological Society.

New members are always welcome.

Health Anxiety in the Workplace Webinar with an emphasis on COVID-19

The SIG hosted a webinar on 7 July between 4:00pm and 5:00pm.

You can re-watch a recording of the event if you were unable to attend on the day.

You can also access the slides from the various presentations.

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