Get involved with the NCCMH

You can get involved with our mental health care pathways development work as a member of one of our expert reference groups.

These groups meet on several occasions throughout a project, and involve people from across the country from a range of backgrounds and types of expertise.

These experts include but are not limited to:

  • Experts by experience (service users and carers)
  • Clinicians
  • Commissioners
  • Service managers.

We also recruit several national advisers to be part of our technical team.

If you are interested in our pathways projects, please email us or phone 020 3701 2635.

We usually advertise for roles on our recruitment page and on the NICE website.

In addition to the pathways, we are also involved in other work, such as developing competency frameworks and other mental health guidance. For many of these projects we seek expert advice on a range of topics, so keep an eye out for other opportunities.

Get in contact to receive further information regarding a career in psychiatry